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Foto Instagram Bisa Ungkap Depresi Seseorang
CNN Indonesia
Penelitian yang melibatkan 500 pekerja dari Amazon Mechanical Turk yang secara rutin mengunggah foto ke akun Instagram diketahui adanya kaitan ...
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Saling Unfollow Instagram, Mbah Mijan: Artis Gelo
Jessica diketahui pernah meng-unfollow Instagram Ayu. Jessica kecewa karena pelantun lagu Sambalado itu tidak mau mempormosikan produk ...
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Taylor Swift Sempat "Unfollow" Instagram Tom Hiddleston - Hanya beberapa hari setelah Tom Hiddleston bikin akun Instagram, Taylor Swift pun saat itu langsung follow kekasihnya. Namun Taylor ...
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Beredarnya Foto Bugil Justin Bieber di Instagram Ternyata Ulah Hacker
Yang lebih menghebohkan lagi, foto tersebut diunggah ke akun Instagram teman Justin yang bernama Chantel Jefferie. Dalam foto yang diambil dari ...
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Kartika Putri Sindir Jessica Iskandar di Instagram?
Wanita yang akrab disapa Karput itu mengunggah foto bersama Jupe dan Ayu Ting Ting melalui instagram, Kartikaputriworld. Dalam foto tersebut ...
Dituding Sindir Jessica Iskandar, Ini Klarifikasi Kartika Putri -
Ayu Ting Ting Kaku di Depan Jessica Iskandar - Showbiz
Sindir Ayu Ting Ting? Mbah Mijan: Artis Gelo, Kebangetan - Pojok Satu
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Instagram Kantongi 1 Miliar Download di Play Store
Tekno, Jakarta - Instagram tercatat telah diunduh sebanyak 1 miliar kali di Google Play Store. Ini adalah aplikasi kedua milik Facebook yang ...
Instagram di Android Tembus 1 Miliar Download - Detikcom
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Instagram Jenk_Kellin: Duh, Bokong Zaskia Gotik Dicium Penonton
Foto itu dibagikan akun Jenk_Kellin di Instagram. Penelusuran, Selasa (23/8/2016), Jenk_Kellin adalah akun anonim yang sudah tak ...
AKSI KONTROVERSIAL Instagram Jenk_Kellin: Duh, Bokong Zaskia Gotik Dicium Penonton - Harian Jogja
Aksi Penonton Cium Bokong Zaskia Gotik, Dihujat Netizen -
Berita Hari Ini : Heboh Kelakuan Vulgar Zaskia Gotik Digrepe-grepe Pria Nodai Predikat 'Duta ... - Newsth (Siaran Pers) (Blog)
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Instagram Diretas, Mantan Pacar Unggah Foto Syur Justin Bieber
Jakarta - Sejak pekan lalu, Justin Bieber tengah banyak menjadi pembicaraan publik gara-gara drama di Instagram. Kini, sebuah drama baru pun ...
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Analisis Psikologi Berdasarkan Foto di Instagram
INILAHCOM, Massachusetts - Penelitian terbaru mampu mengungkap psikologi pengguna Instagram, berdasarkan dari filter atau efek edit yang ...
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Makin Eksis, Instagram Yoona SNSD Punya 4 Juta Followers
Mentan kekasih dari Lee Seung Gi ini memang tergolong baru membuat akun instagram. Belum ada setahun, followers Yoona makin meningkat tiap ...
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 BREAKING NEWS 93 mins ago
Italian town of Amatrice struck by 6.2 magnitude earthquake; 'Half the town is gone'
The central Italian town of Amatrice was badly damaged by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck early on Wednesday, with people trapped under the rubble, the town's mayor said. Half the town is gone,"
Ex-Fox News Host Sues Alleging ‘Sex-Fueled’ Cult at Network
Ex-Fox News host and political analyst Andrea Tantaros sued the cable channel and former chairman Roger Ailes for sexual harassment, alleging the network pretends to act as a defender of family values ...
I'm worth $1.5 million, and I'd never recommend paying off your mortgage early
I hate debt. Owing money feels terrible and dirty. I’ve been there. Coming out of college, I had $60,000 in loans and it was suffocating. I can clearly remember the day that I made the final payment, 15 years later. I still have the letter that from Sallie Mae congratulating me on paying off my loans. Good riddance. However, I willingly have mortgage debt. My current home set me back $176,000 and I had the money to pay cash. I briefly considered it, but instead took out a mortgage. I kept the money invested, mostly in an S&P 500 index fund. Let’s take a look at how the experiment is coming along. DEBT RULES! (SOMETIMES)
Business Insider
Companies keep using this trick to make their earnings look better
Second-quarter earnings season is almost over. A look at the first and second quarters shows that...
Business Insider
How Cloud Is Changing the World's Technology Companies
The growth of cloud is forcing change in even the oldest tech players
U.S. Production by Basin  |  Peak Oil News and Message Boards
Permian, Marcellus Lead U.S., while Eagle Ford Dives Hard As cost structures are held in check and oil price fluctuations are seemingly without end, producers are evaluating acreage positions and determining what are the best assets. As covered by Oil & Gas 360®, the Permian basin has been the hot bed of activity recently. With IRRs and breakeven costs in the Permian being some of the best in the industry, companies are snapping up acreage in the play at a rapid rate. Another visible data point is the level of total production in the U.S. Industry followers for the past almost two years have been focused on weekly storage reports, levels of production, and the level of refinery storage. The EIA
Is Tesla poised for a breakout?
Tesla is treading water just above a low-risk buy zone.
The Street
Johnson & Johnson Could Become the First Company to Reach a $1 Trillion Valuation -- The Motley Fool
These three factors are working in J&J's favor, and they could push the drug giants' valuation significantly higher over time.
The Motley Fool
Dubai Developer Nakheel Repays $1.2B Islamic Bond
Aug. 23 -- The Dubai developer Nakheel has repaid more than $1B in Islamic bonds, ending a debt restructuring saga that pushed Dubai to the edge of default in 2009. Bloomberg's Sam Potter reports on "Bloomberg Markets Middle East."
Bloomberg Video
Lincoln Ranks First in New Car Survey, Acura Last
In the widely respected ACSI annual Auto Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey, Ford Motor Company’s (NYSE: F) small Lincoln division ranked first and Acura last. According to the firm: The report is based on a survey of 3,776 customers who have purchased or leased a new car within the last six months to three years. It includes analysis and scores on the ACSI’s 100-point scale rating customer satisfaction with over 20 of the most popular automotive nameplates sold in the United States. The measured nameplates include: Domestic: Buick (GM), Cadillac (GM), Chevrolet (GM), Chrysler (Fiat Chrysler), Dodge (Fiat Chrysler), Ford, GMC (GM), Jeep (Fiat Chrysler), Lincoln (Ford) European: Audi (Volkswagen),
Man's Kind Act in Grocery Store Comes Full Circle With $500 Tip
Kasey Simmons received a $500 tip on a 37-cent restaurant bill this week.
ABC News Videos
Courteney Cox on ‘Running Wild’: ‘This is the Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done’
At an impasse, Bear Grylls explains that he'll toss his ice pick over a boulder, rappel to the other side, and send a zipline back to a scared Courteney Cox.
No, Starbucks isn't cheating customers by adding ice to drinks, judge says
A judge in California dismissed a case that accused Starbucks of under-filling its iced drinks.
Could this be P&G’s next version of Swiffer?
Procter & Gamble has been issued patents for a floor-cleaning device that could be the next version of the Cincinnati-based company’s popular Swiffer sweeper. The handle could be removable so the device could be used to clean countertops, showers and other surfaces, according to a patent application filed by P&G (PG). The inventors were Glenn Bradbury of Mason, a P&G principal researcher who focuses on consumer device development from concept to production, and Robert Atter of Hong Kong.
Cincinnati Business Courier
Target is offering customers refunds for more than $90 million in knockoff sheets
Target is offering customers millions of dollars in refunds after discovering that it sold fake Egyptian cotton sheets.
Business Insider
'choppy, indeterminate action in the markets today,' cnbc's pisani says
CNBC's Bob Pisani joined Monday afternoon's 'Power Lunch' from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to deliver his intraday market report.
The Street
Tech Stock Roundup: INTC IDF, FB A.I., GOOGL Duo, ORCL Fight
The hottest news last week came out of the Intel (INTC) Developer Forum (IDF) 2016. But Facebook's (FB) decision to open source its AI research, Alphabet's (GOOGL) Duo and Oracle (ORCL) asking for a retrial in its case against Alphabet over Java also made headlines.
Costco Wholesale Corporation's Biggest Win in 2016 So Far -- The Motley Fool
The company changed credit cards and while the road was bumpy, it navigated it well.
The Motley Fool
U.S. new home sales race to near nine-year high
New U.S. single-family home sales unexpectedly surged in July, reaching their highest level in nearly nine years amid robust demand, brightening the housing market outlook and bolstering views that economic growth will pick up in the third quarter. Housing market strength should offset some of the drag from manufacturing, with other data on Tuesday showing production at factories remaining constrained by weak orders. "A very rosy picture is beginning to emerge on the housing market, pointing to sustained buoyancy in the sector's recovery, which remains one of the few bright spots for the U.S. economy," said Millan Mulraine, deputy chief economist at TD Securities in New York.
Brexit latest: How is the UK economy doing?
The BBC looks at the latest impact of the Brexit vote on the UK's economy, and housing and jobs markets.
BBC News
Buy The Tobacco Dip (MO, RAI)
After smokin'-hot performance since 2009, tobacco stocks pulled back to key support levels after early July's risk-off exodus and now are poised to light up again.
US new-home sales climb to best level since late 2007
Americans stepped up their purchases of new homes in July to the fastest pace in nearly nine years, the latest sign that low mortgage rates and a solid job market are helping support the residential real ...
Associated Press
Oil Search CEO: Oil prices are near the bottom
Oil prices are likely near the bottom and will fluctuate around $45 to $55 per barrel, says Oil Search's CEO Peter Botten.
CNBC Videos
I've tracked every penny I've spent for the last 6 years — here's the biggest lesson I learned
Just one week of tracking every penny in and out of my life was enlightening, but maybe not in the way you’d expect. I thought I’d find insights about the actual data and where I could save money, and while that was somewhat true, the bigger lesson was one of awareness. In January 2010, I was wrapping up my last few classes of my MBA at Pepperdine University in beautiful Malibu, California. One of my first assignments in the new year was simple: Track all of my income and expenses for one week and write about the experience. The only rule: to track every single penny in and out of my life, whether it was spending thousands on a car or finding a quarter on the street. This was right up my alley
Business Insider
Cheaper Flights Could Soon Be a Reality Between the U.S. and Mexico
A long-awaited agreement between the two countries goes into effect Sunday.
Kobe Bryant to unveil Venture Capital Fund
Kobe Bryant plans on unveiling a new $100 million venture capital fund to begin the next phase of his career.
Time Magazine Videos
Bill Gates Is the Richest He’s Ever Been
The richest man in the world just got richer.
HP hit with age-discrimination suit claiming older workers purged
Four former workers have filed an age discrimination suit against the Palo Alto tech icon.
Not even OPEC can save the struggling oil market now, Goldman warns
OPEC production freeze or not, the oil market isn’t going to recover anytime soon, Goldman Sachs warns.
This oil rally will peter out: Consultant
Sean Corrigan, consultant at Hinde Capital, discusses oil prices and says what he thinks is OPEC's big problem.
CNBC Videos
Zenimax, Oculus legal battle continues
In another shot across the bow from Bethesda Softworks and id Software parent ZeniMax Media, the company has amended its filing in their 2-year-old lawsuit against Oculus VR. Originally, the filing claimed that Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey’s original “crude prototype” of the Oculus Rift had been “literally transformed” by former id Software co-founder and current Oculus CTO John Carmack along with other ZeniMax employees. This was after the two had begun corresponding in 2012, with the technology used in the Oculus Rift being developed by Carmack while he was still working at id, making it the property of ZeniMax. Oculus had denied the allegations by stating that Luckey had actually created
Nerd Reactor
Calacanis: Tech is making massive advancements
Tech companies are investing time and money into products that will keep consumers begging for more.
Cisco’s Routing Business Continues to Struggle
Cisco System’s (CSCO) routing business saw revenues fall 9% YoY in fiscal 4Q16. Revenues fell from $2 billion in fiscal 4Q15 to $1.9 billion in fiscal 4Q16.
Market Realist
What Costco's Inventory Turnover Says About Its Moat -- The Motley Fool
Here's how Costco's inventory turnover ratio compares to other companies, and why a higher inventory turnover rate is a key advantage in retail.
The Motley Fool
Why markets aren't listening to Fed: Pro
Joe Zidle, Richard Bernstein Advisors, and Drew Matus, UBS economist, share their outlook on interest rates, earnings and the markets.
CNBC Videos
FCC chairman doubles down on political hubris after court decision
Last year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), at the urging of the White House, voted along party lines to preempt portions of Tennessee and North Carolina laws designed to delineate the terms and conditions under which municipalities may construct and deploy broadband internet networks in order to offer advanced communications services to the general public. Notwithstanding clear Supreme Court precedent holding that this type of preemption is unconstitutional, the FCC nonetheless plowed ahead with its efforts to have the federal government dictate to a state how it governs its municipal subdivisions. For this reason, many leading telecom lawyers predicted that the FCC's order was dead
The Hill
Delta Offers Pilots 27% Raise as Contract Impasse Lingers
Delta Air Lines Inc. offered its 13,000 pilots a raise of about 27 percent over four years, significantly less than what the employees have proposed in contract talks that have lingered since the beginning ...
AT&T Family Cell Phone Plans
AT&T’s network is second only to Verizon’s in nationwide tests, and it’s even better in some cities. But when it comes to price, AT&T’s family plans are among the most expensive…
GE is officially a Boston company. ​Here are five facts about the $281B firm.
As of Monday, General Electric is officially a Massachusetts-based company, and the biggest by far in terms of employees, market value, revenue and a host of other metrics. To get a better sense of just ...
Boston Business Journal
NLRB: State of Michigan workers union broke law with own employees
LANSING --  A union representing state workers broke federal labor laws in actions it took against its own employees, including illegal firings and discipline and refusals to turn over information, the National Labor Relations Board has ruled. The Aug. 4 ruling faults the Michigan State Employees Association (MSEA) and its president, Kenneth Moore, for their dealings with their central office employees, who have their own union-within-a-union called the Central Office Staff Association (COSA). It's not unusual for the NLRB to determine an employer has violated the rights of a union and its members. The federal board, in a 2-1 ruling, ordered the 4,500-member MSEA and Moore to stop violating the Labor Relations Act, reinstate central office employees who were wrongfully fired, and restore back wages, pay, benefits and seniority.
Detroit Free Press
Steve Wynn doubles down on Macau with lavish new $4.1 billion casino resort
The lavish $4.1 billion Wynn Palace megaresort threw open its doors Monday as the world's biggest casino market remains in the grips of a slump.
Jim Cramer: Paying people more is Walmart's most important strategy
The leadership team, especially CEO Doug McMillon, is much stronger and centralized. The closing of underperforming stores, including 102 Walmart Express stores, shows that the company is no longer going to layer on winning stores on top of losers.
Yahoo Finance
Rule Change Prompts Money Market Fund Swaps
Rules designed to prevent runs on money market funds only apply to some. So investors are moving their money out.
Fashion retailer Zara accused of unlawful pricing in U.S.
Zara is a clothing company of choice of many celebrities, but the fashion retailer Monday got hit with a lawsuit for allegedly cheating American shoppers out of billions of dollars.
KABC – Los Angeles
Sumner Redstone saga continues as granddaughter challenges Viacom settlement
Sumner Redstone’s granddaughter Keryn Redstone did not participate in Viacom’s boardroom settlement, and would like an opportunity to weigh in, according to court papers filed Monday. Late last week, Viacom’s board approved an agreement with National Amusements Inc., the investment firm that holds Sumner Redstone’s and his family’s controlling shares in Viacom Inc. and CBS Corp.  The settlement agreement was designed to end the rancor that pitted Sumner and Shari Redstone against several Viacom board members, including the company’s former chief executive Philippe Dauman. The three-month legal battle centered on who would steer the Redstone family’s $40 billion media empire — Viacom and CBS —
Los Angeles Times
Apple acquired Gliimpse, a personal health data startup
Apple has reportedly acquired health data startup Gliimpse, a company that collects and combines disparate threads of personal health info.Fast Company reports that the acquisition went down earlier this year, but there has yet to be any confirmation on the part of Gliimpse. However, FC says that Apple confirmed the acquisition, saying:...
Energy companies are facing another huge problem
The oil crash has had a broad impact on corporate America. Oil companies have been defaulting on...
Business Insider
Why to Do an IRA Rollover When You Leave Your Job
By Marc Smith Learn more about Marc at NerdWallet’s Ask An Advisor. When you leave a company where you have a 401(k) retirement plan, you have to decide what to…
Big Tobacco aims its guns to kill California tax
Public health and medical advocates have been working for nearly two years to increase California's tobacco tax, one of the nation's lowest, by $2. The current tax, a mere 87 cents a pack, ranks close to tobacco-growing states like Kentucky. The proposal that will be on the ballot in November as Proposition 56, the California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016, allocates most of the revenue to pay for expanded medical services for poor people through Medicaid, known as MediCal in California. More important, it includes crucial funds to reinvigorate California's aggressive and effective, but fading, tobacco control and research programs. Heart disease, stroke, lung disease,

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